Hotspot Shield Elite

Hotspot Shield Elite is the most trusted VPN. It is released for Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone. It provides you the private and the secure access to open and free network. This software app offers secure access to social networks, sports, news, entertainment and gaming etc. Hotspot Shield Elite helps to create VPN connection which protects your information from hackers.  It offers the secure internet connection over unsecured networks.  Hotspot Shield Elite can easily unblock the websites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube etc. by using it, you can access to your favorite websites through bypassing the firewalls and the filters.

Hotspot Shield Elite helps to browse the World Wide Web anonymously. It provides an encrypted path between your different devices. It also allows you to continue the web surfing secretly, without fear of spied upon or tracked. Hotspot Shield Elite enables the IP masking for your hide actual IP address to your internet activities. It stops the infected internet connections which silently monitor your actions on the internet. It tops the hackers on the internet to steal the confidential data such as password and the credit card information etc.

Hotspot Shield Elite is used to safely share private or public network. It lets users to send and receive data from both private and public network. It offers security, functionality, and the management of private network that allow securely access organization applications and the resources. Hotspot Shield Elite also offers secure browsing by offering an advanced level of the security. This application encrypts the instant messages, financial transactions, and the passwords etc.  It offers your personal and confidential information hidden from spies. Hotspot Shield Elite also offers additional features like antivirus protection, the elimination advertisements, chooses the country where different VPN located and much more etc.

Features of Hotspot Shield Elite APK:

Unblock websites

Provide anonymous web surfing

Let you hide your IP address

Offers private and secure browsing

Offers enhanced Wi-Fi security

Provide malware protection

Offers antivirus protection

Encrypts instant messages, financial transactions, and passwords

Detects and blocks malicious websites, spam sites, and phishing sites

Provide the option of advertisement elimination


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