The Best Apps to Invest In The Stock Market In 2021

You no longer have to be a financial genius or a stock market expert to invest in the stock market. You only need a smartphone and an internet connection to enter the wonderful world of investments, control the changes in the market and invest in the stock market as a broker.

Usually the people who invest are business people, so new technologies have been a great help for them when making decisions, investing and having updated information at all times. To help you, here are the best apps to invest in the stock market in 2020:

PLUS 500

It is an application focused on people interested in getting started in the stock market.
Plus 500, enabled for iOS and Android, brings multiple features such as the possibility of working with simulations of the user’s portfolio, which then, when prepared, can be applied in a real way. PLUS 500 not only works with securities, but also with currencies or commodities.
It also has price alert services, something that is very useful to determine the desired limits to make a successful investment.


It is an Android app focused on the IBEX 35. The app is free and ad-supported, but it also has a paid option that removes ads. It has the option of adding alerts, opening information, transaction history or the possibility of adding payments and dividends to the shares, as well as the commissions of the main financial entities. Its weak point is support, so better test that it works and meets our expectations before paying for it.


This application is more aimed at experts in the stock market. Some of the contents are world benchmarks, stocks, currencies, interest rates or risk premiums. It is intended for long-term investments. It provides information to facilitate monitoring of financial markets. It is also a great Android stock market simulator.


Bloomberg is one of the reference information services when it comes to investing in securities. It keeps you informed of current events to help you make the best investment decisions. It also has a Smartphone application that is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. In addition to the news, we can add the values ​​that we want to follow and we can have comparative graphs of their evolution that will help us in making decisions. For the most expert investors, Bloomberg Anywhere is available which, among other things, allows us to define alerts for the stocks we follow, something really useful.


To be able to invest in the stock market today, you have to be very well informed. Gambling money can be risky and if we don’t do it right we can have a lot of problems. And this is what the Robin Hood app offers us.

What did the mythical character say: Steal from the rich to give to the poor? In this case it would be rather to learn from the rich to get out of poor. That could be the optics of an app that allows the user to access real-time market data and quotes, create a custom list, and keep track of their portfolio. Since its inception, Robin Hood has gained a significant following, positioning itself as one of the most important financial applications, and being endorsed by celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, and Jared Leto.

Yahoo! Finance

It is a service that, in addition to giving us information on securities, allows us to create our portfolio of securities with more or less risk to see how the investments we are making evolve.
Yahoo! Finance is an app in which you can receive information, news and advice to manage your money in real time. It has applications for Android or iOS as well as a mobile version of its web service.

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