6 Tips to Rescue Your Relationship

When you are facing difficult times and spend every waking moment thinking about how to rescue a relationship, or the love of your life, then there is no point to give up. Consider some of these easy relationship tips to get your life back on track.

Given below are some of the rescue relationship tips which will assist you both to come closer and maintain a healthy and good relationship as a couple.

Create time

In a majority of cases, most relationships tend to split up because both partners don’t find enough time for one another. Hence, any relationship rescue effort must start with finding time for your partner and yourself. Time is the most important aspect in a relationship and helps a relationship to nurture and grow.


You must always try to praise your partner for every little thing which may have been done. Keep in mind that constant criticism will take you nowhere. So admire and be honest. Show small gestures which make your partner feel that you love him or her from the bottom of your heart.

Bring a change in your routine

Doing something different will also make you feel good. Break the regular routine and try to do something unique and different together. This can be really fun and rewarding; if at all you want to rescue the relationship with your partner. Try to learn some new skills together like playing instruments or dance moves. These fun activities will assist in rescuing your relationship. Find out something which you both wanted to learn and do together. All it takes is a simple rescue relationship initiative to bring the two of you back on track and make you both fall in love with one another once again.

Plan a holiday

Sometimes stresses emerging from the daily life may build up and make you so stressed out that you end up doing or saying things that you actually don’t mean. This can take a toll on your relationship. Some relaxation and rest can prove to be the best medicine to help you both to start over with a fresh body and mind. If you’re unable to plan a vacation, then a trip to a nearby spa or health resort for a day can well do the trick.


Most of us remain so preoccupied with talking about our own problems that we don’t even try to listen what others have to say. Relationship rescue starts only when you are willing to listen to all your well wishers. You must also be willing to listen to the viewpoint of your spouse. This will assist you in putting your relationship back on the right track.

Be positive

You should view everything in a positive way and talk to your partner. This is what rescue relationship is all about. If you want to rescue relationship with your partner, then concentrate on his or her positive traits which you love about your partner. Communicate each and every thing which has made you love him or her. This certainly will help to rescue your love and bring you both closer together.

Rescue Your Relationship

Three Steps to Declutter Your Home

Decluttering doesn’t have to be a long and involved process. Your goal should be one of focus and intention. Decide ahead of time what you want to accomplish, and stick to the plan to achieve the desired outcome.

One approach that typically helps is the “rule of 3” for decluttering.


  1. Do you love it? As you look at an item, do you feel you absolutely cannot live without it? If so, then keep it and move onto the next item.
  2. Do you use it? You may love the antique canister set your grandma gave you, or that fishing pole that you and your dad shared while you were growing up. But, if you never use it and it’s collecting dust, get rid of it and move on.
  3. Do you need it? There are items we need. They are those that we really don’t love, we wouldn’t select them for a specific use, but we need to have them. You need personal hygiene items and things of that nature. The problem becomes when you have too many of them to make it feasible to use them. In that case, need turns into want and that’s why you have to declutter your home.

Here are a few scenarios to show how to make a distinction.

  • You have an afghan you aunt made for you. Do you love it? Yes. Do you use it? Yes. Do you need it? Perhaps (e.g., if it keeps you warm in the winter). Keep it and make sure to take care of it.
  • You have a set of tools your dad gave you. Do you love them? Not really. Do you use them? Rarely. Do you need them? Probably not. However, even though it’s an item that really should move on to another home, you’re afraid to part with it because it was given to you by your dad. Do some research and determine how much money you could potentially make by selling it.
  • Then think about how you would spend that money. Perhaps you would spend it on another tool that would get more use. That’s a better solution than keeping something you don’t love, use, or need. You’re instead recycling what you have and replacing it with something else.


To get started, select a small section of maybe 10-12 items. Look at each item and ask yourself the 3 questions, above. If it really needs to remain in your home, you must put it in the proper place.

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